2019 Envelope Fundraiser

One Body Many Parts

Grace Christian Academy is a body of believers comprised of many individual parts.  Each part of that whole is a blessing.  Our scholars are taught to identify and nurture the individual gifts that each part of our body possesses --- the gifts of insight, kindness, service; the blessings of leadership,  academic risk-taking, generosity, and compassion.  Our supporters are a critical part of that body of believers. Without you, we would be unable to offer a Christ-centered education to families that would otherwise be unable to afford it. 

Each year in November, our hallway is decorated with envelopes numbered 1 through 200.  These numbers represent a dollar amount.  Pulling an envelope off the wall is your pledge to donate that specific dollar amount to Grace Christian Academy. Our virtual envelope fundraiser allows those who can't be here to pull an envelope off the wall to participate in this important campaign.  A donation of any amount helps provide a Christian education to a child in our body of believers. Please help us to raise $20,000 for the next generation of Christian leaders!