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RaiseRight Scrip Program

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

When you order scrip cards through RaiseRight, not only do you support Grace Christian Academy, you can help reduce your tuition! 

  1. Register and order online at  Please contact the school directly for our enrollment code. 
  2. Designate your scholar (present or future scholars can be recipients of tuition reduction!) 50% of your rebates will be used towards the next school year's tuition. If you do not wish to designate a scholar, 100% of your rebate will go directly to the school.
  3. Enroll in PrestoPay and your order payment will be transferred securely via ACH electronic debit.
  4. ScripNow cards can be ordered and printed from your computer within minutes. Or send them as last-minute gifts! 
  5. Use MyScrip Wallet from your mobile device and you can purchase eCards on the fly. It's fast and easy!
  6. If you would like to order physical gift cards, please use the "ship to home" option. 
  7. Share this information with family and friends! They can also designate your scholar for even more savings on next year's tuition!